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Europex Equipment Ltd are proud to represent TLS Anilox GmbH who are based in Salzkotten, Germany.

They are manufactures of coated and laser engraved anilox rolls and sleeves for the printing and coating industry.

Our primary product here in the UK is the amazing TeroLux anilox which features a near non-porous surface which as a result produces amazing printing results.


Tried and Tested Ceramic Coatings

For more than three decades, the ceramic coating of anilox rolls has proven its worth and has withstood the test of time

These laser engravable coatings provide extremely high wear protection. But nevertheless, the R&D department at TLS Anilox GmbH have been exploring further potential for improvement.

During this development process, they were able to resolve the issues around porosity within the ceramic coating and advance to the unlimited field of finest lines.  The result is the (r)evolutionary hard metal coating, called TeroLux.


Anilox Grinding Compared









Advantages of TeroLux

  • Long Service Life
  • Very Easy to Clean
  • Ideal for Fine Line Work
  • Reduced Doctor Blade Wear
  • Low Vibration
  • Low Porosity


TeroLux Performance

Fine lines engraved in TeroLux show a very good ink discharging performance.

Comparing ceramic and TeroLux, the high density and a significantly improved resolution
of the TeroLux are clear to see.

The smallest dots are printed in detail, the coverage of the dense solids is ideal due to the excellent release of ink from the cell.

As a result existing lines can be replaced by finer engravings without having to tolerate a loss in density or a change in the ink management.

In addition, the closed and smooth bridges of the engraving provide a good support/reinforcement
of the screen dot.

Although the values in opacity obtained during the tests were nearly identical, much sharper
edges can be printed using the finer engraving.


TeroLux Cell Samples


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