Flexographic Doctor Blades

Flexography and Gravure Doctor Blades/Flexographic Doctor Blades
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The choice of Doctor Blade does have significant impact on print quality in Flexo and related printing industries.

Here at Europex our goal is to ensure you get the right product for your individual requirements.  With continuous dialogue between manufacturer and distributors worldwide, we are able to offer you a wide range of solutiuons.

TKM Meyers unique patented ESP treatment combined with exacting metallurgical standards ensures we are able to produce a longer lasting Doctor Blade without the occurance of Burrs or Chip-Outs.  Small slivers of steel are the primary cause of score lines in your aniloxes.  Out patented FlexoTip Doctor Blade when produced in our OptiPrint material reduces the risk of these expensive damaging lines.

In our range of blades we have TKM MeyerPrint / TKM OptiPrint / TKM PowerPrint / TKM CeraPrint / TKM CeraPrint XT / TKM DuroBlade and TKM DuroBlade HL+.  We can also supply Stainless Steel and Synthetic Doctor Blades

TKM DuroBlade and HL+ is manufactured specifically for use within Flexo Printing.  The blade was invented by BTG Switzerland in 1999 and is the original High Performance True Ceramic Tipped Doctor Blade.

Below are just a few of the benefits of using RMB DuroBlade;

  • Very Long Blade Lifetime
  • Fewer Blade Changes = Less Downtime = Money Saved
  • Fewer Make-Readies = Less Waste = Money Saved
  • Lower Blade Pressures
  • Less Friction = Less Wear 
  • Even Wear = Colour Consistency
  • Less Handling of Blades
  • Longer Life = Less Blade Changes = Reduced Risk of Injury From Sharp Doctor Blades
  • Supplied Cut To Length = No Cutting = Less Risk To Operators
  • Consistent Wiping Quality During Blade Lifetime
  • Less Dot Gain
  • Fewer Machines Adjustments
  • Less Print Complaints
  • High Customer Satisfaction
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