Flexography and Gravure Doctor Blades

Europex Equipment has been supplying Doctor Blades to the UK print market since 1971.  As one of the first in the country to supply high quality steel blades, Europex quickly became the goto company for Rotary Gravure, Flexo Printing and Coating industries.

Applications include Publication Printing, Flexible Packaging, Wall Covering, Label Printing, Decor Printing and specialised areas such as Bank Note & Security Printing.

It is a fact All Doctor Blades are not the same and our manufacturing partners have developed a range of products to meet the exacting requirement of this competative area.

We offer the highest quality of materials and coatings, with the added benefit of a wide range of tip profiles and designs manufactured using state of the art proprietary methods.

All our Doctor Blades are available in coils of 100m (excl DuroBlade) or pre-cut lengths to suit your needs.

Our range includes the new TKM CeraPrint coated blade for Gravure and the unique True Ceramic Tipped Blade, TKM DuroBlade for Flexographic printing.

All of our Doctor Blades are backed up with support & experience from around the world.  This coupled with detailed worn blade analysis, makes us one of the UK's market leaders.

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