Gravure Doctor Blades

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Making sure you choose the right Doctor Blade for your Gravure Printing is paramount to the quality of work you produce.

Here at Europex our goal is to ensure you get the right product for your individual requirements.  With continuous dialogue between manufacturer and distributors globally, we are able to offer you a wide range of solutions.

With various tips and materials available, our print specialists and colleague throughout the world can recommend the correct blade for your needs.

Materials Available;

  • RMB MeyerPrint - A highly reliable steel blade with high chrome content & purity.
  • RMB OptiPrint - Five times higher chromium content than MeyerPrint with longer lifetime.
  • RMB PowerPrint - Our best alternative blade to a coated blade, offering high wear resistance and wipe.
  • RMB CeraPrint - NEW - A Ceramic Coated Blade with very long lifetime, reducing hazing, drag out & pin lines.

RMB CeraPrint has been years in development, with extensive trials across the planet before launch.  Our manufacturing partners believed it was important to put something new and innovative out there.  Not just another "coated blade".  But after many months of trials, we have seen fantastic results in both Europe and the United States.

There is no doubt this is a game changing blade for Europex Equipment and we are more than happy, to put RMB CeraPrint up against any other coated blade out there.

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